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It’s taken 30 years, but I finally get Ram Dass’s message: Be here now. For me? It’s be here. now. And that period makes for the emphasis I need to remember.

Today I woke up wishing I could just already be in Virginia, ensconced in our new house, w/ the small remods we plan already done, and our things unpacked, and settled. The garden planted, the bookshelves built, the entire shebang done. I found myself wishing away the entire next 3 months!

So I took a deep breath, and looked around. We’ve had a FOOT of rain, and the landscape responded by exploding in a thousand shades of green. Even the streets have a greenish glow when the light hits the rain sheen. Mimosas ~ one of my favourite trees ~ are rosy w/ their feathered blooms, and the hummingbirds are everywhere. Who would wish this away?

Yes, there’s a lot to do. And that doesn’t even include my beloved’s computer blue-screen-of-death, or my new computer OS upgrade. Or everyday life (groceries, cooking, laundry, et al). But there’s also breakfast at the Square, and new napkins. There’s a long chat w/ my sister ranging over our kids, family memories, gardening & more. There are pictures of cats doing silly things, and new recipes to try. There is the fragrance of early summer, and the long slant light of late afternoon. The upcoming solstice, w/ its perfect balance of summer evening and summer day.

In other words? There’s life. Wish none of it away. It’s far too precious, our human life. Enjoy.


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