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The pies are cooking for tomorrow. All the house smells of butter crust and pumpkin filling. In the 2nd fridge there’s a medium-sized turkey, with a ham still to be picked up. I’m fielding calls regarding what else folks should bring: do you want some baguettes? how about the sparkling cider? In other words, preparation proceeds.

That doesn’t even mention sweeping the leaves off the driveway, or my beloved repairing the busted paper holder in the downstairs bath. Or vacuuming or mopping or taking the dogs to be washed… It’s amazing what suddenly needs to be done before folks come for food!

Earlier the counters were white with flour, as I rolled out pie crust. As usual, I spilled pumpkin pie filling on the cookbook, and had to wipe out the new stain that layered over the old ones. And of course my beloved has had to make TWO trips (already!) to stores for stuff I forgot, despite my THREE store runs yesterday.

So here’s today’s gratitude: I’m grateful for help. One sister is bringing cranberries, broccoli casserole, sweet potato biscuits. Another may bring corn or sweet potatoes, or possibly eggnog. One niece is making butternut squash, as well as deviled eggs. Another niece is doing extra desserts. In other words, our Thanksgiving is definitely a family affair. 🙂

As you make your plans for this quintessential holiday — based on the idea that feeding the hungry, and breaking bread together is worth celebrating — I hope you have helpers. And I hope they are as dear to you as mine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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