Becoming Great
April 2014 Archives

Another essential part to being great in life is in our ability to give.  So many of us look to take from life when really its about how much we give that is a measure of our greatness.  For the […]

I was watching a workshop put on by the famous dance company, Alvin Ailey, here in New York.  The piece, co-directed by a good friend of mine, was breathtaking.  What really amazed me was that the Ailey adviser, a beautiful […]

Today, I got to see my girls ( a group of teens at a Girls’ Home) whom I life coach each week.  There was a new girl who I hadn’t met. I was excited to be able to bond with […]

  Photo Credit: Google For me I used to pride myself on being right. I had to win every argument and every fight.  I wouldn’t stop until my opponent gave in. I guess for me being right was my vindication […]

Photo Credit: Google One of the biggest “A-Ha” moments of my life came to me when I was sharing with a friend some deeply personal hurts. She said to me ” Pervis that may have been the facts of your […]

Photo Credit: Google During an interview for a prominent publication, the interviewer asked me what were the defining moments in my life that led me to the place I’m currently in.  I though long and hard about the question because […]

Today I ran into a an acquaintance of mine at the store. It was good catching up with him, but while we were talking I kept sensing this overwhelming feeling that he was perplexed. I asked him what was wrong. […]

In the journey towards greatness its important to recognize where and how far you’ve come in life. Too often we get so destination oriented  that we miss the blessing because we are so caught up in the end result.  You […]