Becoming Great



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For me I used to pride myself on being right. I had to win every argument and every fight.  I wouldn’t stop until my opponent gave in. I guess for me being right was my vindication for the years of being bullied and made fun of and never got the chance to defend myself.  I’d dare to say it was part of the demise of one of my romantic relationships.  In a weird way it made me feel empowered knowing that I was right and there was nothing you could tell me.  Until one day….

I discovered that I was missing out on life in so many ways.  Yes I was right about how my life had been and even the shortcomings I felt about myself, but was I really right? When you’re destined to be right, you’re going to be right. However, when you’re open to being wrong you begin to discover life.  I didn’t say it earlier, but I had such low self-esteem.  In my mind I was right that I didn’t deserve love, that I wasn’t attractive or even talented.  Thus, for a long time I attracted what I was feeling. It wasn’t until I had an interruption in my thought process that I finally began to understand.  My mother always told me to be a student of life.  Moreover, she said the more I was willing to learn the more I could grown and experience life.

She was right.  Being right is rooted in pride, no matter what  caused it. I kid you not the day I let go and was willing to be wrong about things that’s when I truly began to live.  I now walk in a freedom that I’d never known before. So what is it in your life that you’ve been so right about? Are you willing to let it go and begin to discover a whole new possibility or are you afraid of what you may uncover?  Today let’s stop being right and begin to live  (for some for the first time)!

Remember we have the ability to not only change our world, but the world as a whole….BE GREAT!!

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