Because This Is Your Life

As strange and sometimes counter intuitive as it seems one of the biggest things that holds people back from truly having what they want is not feeling worthy and deserving.

In fact, many times people are not even aware of this and then will attribute it to something else, which has nothing to do with it.

Even after figuring this out many people still have issues around feeling worthy and deserving because of certain false constructs and teachings they may be unknowingly following.

So here’s your question of the day…

“What are you worthy and deserving of the most?”

In addition to whatever it may be the “most” for you, it can be as many things as you feeling worthy and deserving of.

To help you answer the question above ask yourself…

“Why am I so deserving of ________________?”

It is certainly worth your time to take and answer this question and to make a habit of doing so on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that there are other factors involved in bringing whatever it is that you want to you.

There’s knowing what your true values are, being able to manage your emotions, knowing what your purpose is, and of course taking the right kind of action which gets you the results you want.

It is also important to know that there are other factors that are “unseen” as well. In fact Napoleon Hill discusses this in his masterpiece book “Law of Success.”

Many of these other factors stems from knowing and understanding how the laws of the Universe work along with the laws of human behavior.

This leads to something I frequently speak about which is, knowing and understanding that all humans are two sided and that we live in a two sided world.

How does this relate to feeling worthy and deserving?

Well if you understand that there is both positive and negative, pain and pleasure, support and challenge, ease and difficult,
happy and sad…and that these occur in equal amounts, then you are well on your way to achieving more of what you want.

Embracing both sides equally, knowing that both serve, and knowing how to use each to your advantage will allow you to feel more worthy and deserving of whatever it is that you want.

This will also allow you to see the magnificence and brilliance of who you are, which will in turn allow you to pass that on to others so they can see their own brilliance and magnificence as well.

Everything is connected in the Universe and sometimes in ways that you may not have thought of but one thing always remains…

You are here to do amazing things in your life and help others do the same through the uniqueness and genius of who you are.

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