Because This Is Your Life

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before, “your thoughts become things.” Perhaps you have even translated those thoughts into the words you speak.

My question to you is, “has this worked for you?”

The other question I have for you is, “how much do the words you speak really matter?”

To answer the second question first, the words you do speak really do matter…

The question is…

Are those words, along with the thoughts you have, really creating the things you want?

For some people it does and for most it does not.

When it comes to the words you say and the thoughts you think, it is one thing to say something over and over again, such as you would with affirmations, but it is another thing if those affirmations are really true to you to begin with.

Just because someone says, “I want to be a multi-millionaire doesn’t mean that is really true to them. Unless you have a high value on money and that you are on track and it is being demonstrated in some way in your life currently, even if you say that you want to be a multi-millionaire, it won’t

This is true with any other area of your life as well.

The best way to tell what it is that you want currently, is to take a look in your life right now. Whatever your life is currently demonstrating is what you value, whether you say you want it or not. It all starts with knowing your highest values or the things most important to you.

This goes to back to what I often speak about…walking your talk. When you live according to what is truly most important to you, you’ll see evidence of that gradually showing up in your life.

So when it comes to the words you speak, make sure that they are in line with what is truly most important to you.

You’ve heard me say many times that you are here to do something amazing in your life and that you have a tremendous amount of value to contribute to the world.

Your ability to do this and live a fulfilled life is to be true to yourself…

And being true to yourself involves living your life on purpose and embracing both sides rather than trying to live one sided fantasies (more happy than sad, more joy than sorrow, more giving than taking, etc). These are unattainable states of being that leads to many of the frustrations people have.

You’re here to live a fulfilled life, not a half-filled life of one sidedness.

The best of you shines through when you embrace both sides.

It is the Buddha that says,

“The desire for that which is unattainable is the source of human suffering.” This is living a one sided existence.

I like to say,

“The desire for that which is attainable is the source of your magnificence.” This is the source of living a two-sided existence…also know as a fulfilled life.

As you go through every day ask yourself, “what is the source of my magnificence” and keep asking it and come up with the

The answers you come up with will have the words that really matter most to you!

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