Awaken Your Truth
December 2015 Archives

Loving the self is a funny thing. We may either believe that we are already loving ourselves or we may believe that love is something that we receive outside of ourselves. What we often miss is that we don’t have […]

Do you feel like nobody quite understands you? Do you believe that it is really hard to just be yourself? Perhaps your not even sure what it means to just be yourself. If you can relate to this, you are […]

There is no greater freedom than facing your truth. The tricky thing about truth is that it doesn’t jump up and down in big, bright, florescent colors. It waits for us to come and visit. It does, however, send us […]

Often we believe that we are here to get everything “right” on the outside. We strive to fill in all the pieces of our life that we “think” will finally get us to that happy place. This can look different […]