Awaken Your Truth

There is no greater freedom than facing your truth. The tricky thing about truth is that it doesn’t jump up and down in big, bright, florescent colors. It waits for us to come and visit. It does, however, send us clues along our journey as an invitation for us to knock on its door. These clues will show up in various forms such as emotional struggles, challenges, loss, and disappointments. Truth is waiting for us to become so exhausted from the discomfort of what it is that we are experiencing that we finally surrender to the willingness to see, feel and hear what is truly going on within us.

What are the struggles that are continuously showing up in your life? Are you willing to own them as struggles or will you continue to deny that they exist? Or better yet, will you continue to make excuses for why they exist? Perhaps it may even feel like they disappear for awhile, but the thing about the truth is that it will always manage to find a way to resurface.
Often we don’t realize that the struggles we are experiencing are actually our allies. They are there to wake you up from the deeper truth of what is wanting to be felt and expressed from within. Facing your truth is nothing to be afraid of. It’s actually quite magical. Only when faced head on, it has the power to dissolve struggle and pain and ignite freedom and passion.
So what does it take to face your truth?
It takes being fully responsible for yourself while allowing the outside world to be as it may.
It takes asking ourselves “How can I take responsibility for my part in this experience without self blame, but with acute self awareness?
It takes a knowing that nothing ever truly happens to you by accident, but rather everything happens for your highest good.
It takes knowing that every person and experience that you encounter is an opportunity for you to step more deeply into your REAL truth.
It takes being willing to dialogue with yourself and the world differently.
It takes the willingness to release old ways of thinking and make the space for your intuition to lead the way.
It takes the willingness to confront and feel all the emotions that are longing to be expressed and released.
We live in fear of facing the truth within us and yet what we don’t know is that on the other side of fear is our ticket to freedom. When we are willing to face the truth in spite of fear we are sending ourselves a powerful message that says,  “I know I am worthy of honoring all of who I am. I am worthy of seeing the truth so that I may feel empowered and free to be who I came here to be.”
There is no greater freedom than knowing who you are from the inside out. Because when you do, you take back your power by offering yourself the freedom to create a life filled with integrity, passion and love.
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