Awaken Your Truth

When we make the decision to take the journey within and uncover the truth of who we are, we are stepping onto a path that requires uncertainty. It is also one of the most courageous acts we could make. It takes us having the willingness to dive deep within and discover first and foremost what we are not in order to uncover what is authentic, real, and genuine.

There was a moment in time where I believed that traveling within to know my truth would be fun and make life easy. I’ve learned that the more we commit to the desires of our soul, the more we must step into a whole new way of being in the world. Our soul longs to grow, expand and evolve. This requires change and transformation. Think of a bud becoming a flower and a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Our soul longs for this same process of transformation. In order to continue to step into our fullness and greatest potential, we must constantly be attentive to who we are choosing to be in every moment. It is not an easy path…but in my opinion it is the path worth taking. Taking this path requires the following;

We must get to know all aspects of ourselves including both the parts of us that long to remain in our comfort zone and the parts of us that long to step out and rock the boat.

We must be willing to know what our mind is telling us at all times. Our mind will attempt to control and keep us safe from taking the direction of the soul so it is crucial that we stay awake, aware and extremely mindful.

We must be willing to own and embrace our fears. The truth is they are never going away. They will be with us as long as we are here walking this journey. The good news is that they don’t have to disappear, but we do have to cultivate a healthy relationship with our fear. When we can do this, anything becomes possible.

We must be willing to FEEL what comes up for us when we are striving to step into a new experiences. Feeling creates healing and as we heal we create miracles.

We must be willing to own our real desires. These are desires that are born from our soul, not from our small mind. We will know if these desires are coming from our soul when we notice they don’t go away. They stay with us until we are willing to DO something about them. They will nudge us and tug at us until we respond to the call.

Finally, we must make a commitment each and every moment to stay on this path. There will be days when we fall off and that’s ok. The question to always ask ourselves is “How committed am I to getting back on?” It is never about about falling off, but it is always about having the the courage and willingness to get back on and to have compassion for ourselves in the process. There is nothing that demonstrates more strength and self-love than choosing the path of our heart again and again and again.

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