Awaken Your Truth

So often we take on beliefs about ourselves based on what others have told us. We hear it. We believe it. It becomes our truth. Then we believe if only they didn’t say or act in the way that they do, we would some how be different. We would finally feel free to be who we really are. This is the Ego’s sneaky way of keeping us safe from stepping into our fullness. So often I hear my clients say…

“If only I didn’t experience this”

“If only they didn’t say this to me”

“If only they didn’t do this to me”

“If only they didn’t treat me this way”

“If only my past was different”

“If only my parents were different”

Here is the truth – none of that will ever take us to who we really are. None of that will ever open the doorway to our authentic power. None of that will allow us into the present moment. The only thing that will ever invite us into our truth…into our real genuine power is the deep solid knowing that YOU are the answer.

If you want to feel heard – hear how you speak to yourself

If you want to feel understood – understand yourself – your thoughts and your feelings

If you want to be taken seriously – take yourself seriously

If you want to be seen – take the time to see all of who you are – the good, the bad and the ugly

If you want to feel cared for – care for yourself

If you want to feel important – put yourself first

If you want to feel free – be honest with yourself

If you want to feel loved – practice self-love

You are all that you have been waiting for… All that you are seeking lives right inside of you.


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