Awaken Your Truth
June 2015 Archives

So often we take on beliefs about ourselves based on what others have told us. We hear it. We believe it. It becomes our truth. Then we believe if only they didn’t say or act in the way that they […]

Deciding to go within and discover the truth of who we are requires us to move out of the head and into the heart. When we only live in the head we are living from a place of constantly doing. […]

If we ever want to really experience the truth of who we really are, we must embrace our wholeness. This is a very complex journey, but nevertheless it is a journey worth taking. For when we experience our internal wholeness […]

How are you showing up in your life? This is a big question to ask ourselves. When we have the willingness and the courage to ask ourselves this powerful question, we can really begin to see the truth of what’s […]

    Most of us believe that freedom has everything to do with our external reality. We buy into the “When I have”  illusion. When I have more money, more time, a new job, the vacation, etc. then I will […]