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Question submitted via Formspring:
“Dave, I went 21 days of Law of Attraction for 2 hours a day 20 minimum (sic), i went to buy my ticket and everything had all the faith why didn’t i win it?”
First, I assume you meant you bought a lottery ticket, which didn’t win.  Second, you are saying you spent 3 weeks preparing, at least 20 minutes a day (?), and as much as two hours?

The answer is simple: The Law of Attraction did not fail; it does not fail, ever.  Second, one of two things happened, possibly both: The other person believed it more than you did, or way deep down inside you didn’t really believe you’d win.

Consider, it took your entire life to get to the place you are in life right now.  You have a lifetime’s worth of beliefs about money, about wealthy people, about ‘working hard’, and everything else.  It takes a lot more than 3 weeks of concentration for a couple minutes a day to uproot all that.

The real test is, when you didn’t win, what was the first thought that went through your mind?  Was it “I knew I wouldn’t win,” or, “they were right, this is silly,” or ANYTHING other than “that’s interesting.  Something better must be coming my way,” then you weren’t thinking as positively as you might think.

This is a common mistake people make with the Law of Attraction, thinking that it’s a sort of magic wish granting genie, and anytime you don’t get exactly what you want it has “failed”.  But the exact opposite is true; the Law of Attraction shows you what you are really thinking and feeling, ALL of the time.

Now, we have already talked extensively about how to make the Law of Attraction more effective, but here are a few pointers.  First and foremost, don’t be too attached to HOW your goal will come to you.  For instance, you are fixated on winning the lottery, but the reality is you aren’t interested in winning the lottery, you are interested in having more money come into your life.  The lottery is one way, but it could just as easily come through a new job, a gift, or a multi-million dollar idea. So as you are directing your energy and emotions, direct it towards that.

But here’s the catch, you don’t really want the money, either; you want how the money will make you feel.  So focus on what you would do with that money.  Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you help? And how would that make you feel?

And above all else: Never give up, never give up, never, ever, ever give up.  Water boils at 212 degrees; if you get frustrated and turn the heat off at 210 degrees, you’ll get: Nothing.  Every time you allow yourself to become frustrated or distracted from your goal, it gets further away.  And you are also sending a message to God/The Universe saying you don’t really believe it’s on your side, either.

Start with smaller, faster goals to build up your faith and confidence.  Don’t try and manifest millions of dollars; manifest a cup of coffee, or a nice lunch, or an extra $500. As you start to accumulate small victories, it becomes easier and easier to manifest bigger ones.

Once you have the faith of a mustard seed…you can move mountains.

You are great, and I love you!
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