You have to let go!

The Root of pain is Attachment; this is the second Noble Truth.

As I have mentioned in the past, Los Angeles has quite a few bitter, unhappy people in it. Because for whatever reason, their goals have not manifested in the time and way that they would like.
And along with an understandable sense of disappointment, comes an inevitable desire to know ‘why’. Why did this happen, or why didn’t?
Why has God / the Universe abandoned them?

But the fact of the matter is, no such thing has happened.
I wrote previously about how to let go of your attachments, and the video below gives you many more tools on how to know what you need to release, and how to do it.

So for this article, I’d like to talk more about how we form our attachments, how to make new and better decisions that will serve you, rather than work against you.

I wrote previously about how to be committed without being attached and that is an important idea to keep in mind; that it isn’t necessary to go through life as a door mat, nor is it necessary to go through life as a control freak, either.

The key, then, is to be consciously aware of two very important things:
what are you committed to, and what are you attached to.

Let me explain the difference again: commitment is wanting to have a nice meal; attachment is refusing to eat anywhere but a single restaurant you have decided on. Commitment is choosing to spend your life with someone; attachment is refusing to let go of a bad situation because you’re afraid you can’t do any better.

Here is a very simple test as to whether you are committed to something or attached: how do you feel about it?

If it makes you feel good, and you know it is going to work out for the best, then congratulations: you are committed!
But…if it feels bad, or you are filled with fear about what might happen, then you are attached.

So, then, how do you go about converting your unhealthy attachments, which can ONLY cause you pain, into healthy commitments, which make life uplifting and enjoyable?

First and foremost: trust.
Trust God, trust the Universe, trust life, and above all else, trust people.
Trust that things are going to work out the best that they can.
Note, I didn’t say they will work out how YOU want them to, I said for the *best *.

I’ve said before, you can worry or you can have faith, but not both; when you worry you are telling God / the Universe that they can’t handle it, so you have to. The fact of the matter is you trust God COMPLETELY, or not at all.

Once you start to believe and accept the Universe is on your side, then it becomes easier to remain cheerful and positive no matter what, and because of that you can start attracting better and better things into your life.

I’m going to cut this one short to give you a chance to watch the video below, or read what I already wrote about a step by step process for releasing your attachments.

You are great, and I love you!
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