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Thought on the Pantheacon controversy I imagine there are few Pagans who have spent more time studying, thinking, and writing about politics in all its various forms than I, and for those of you who have, you have my sympathies. …Read More

I seem to have recovered at the last minute from a cold that kept me home this past week.  Strong ginger tea, gargling hot salt water, and other stuff did the trick. Now I’m washing clothes and packing my duffel …Read More

A Facebook friend just posted the following very interesting and courageous speech  by Maureen Walsh, a Republican legislator who voted in favor of Washington’s new law allowing gay marriages.  Her speech is eloquent, heart felt, wise, and courageous. Everything that …Read More

I came across a most illuminating post today on one of my favorite group blogs: Balloon Juice.  It began with a discussion of the character of right wing folks as revealed by what they said on their own sites, sites …Read More

The pictures in this article are fantastic!  Enjoy the visual feast.  With thanks to Anna Korn for turning me on to it.

There has been considerable discussion within our community for many years about whether or not we should have a “Pagan clergy.”  I think this is a very positive development because it gets us thinking positively about who we are as …Read More

I have not been doing much political posting for many months, ever since I finally gave up hope that the Democrats, with a few exceptions, amounted to anything  more than a somewhat more humane version of the moral filth that …Read More