I came across a most illuminating post today on one of my favorite group blogs: Balloon Juice.  It began with a discussion of the character of right wing folks as revealed by what they said on their own sites, sites others did not often link to.  This helps prove my point that it is NOT true that “everyone does it.”  Everyone does not.  The right does, not all of them but a great many.

But equally enlightening was the comments thread that developed.  It is an example of what the web can do best: bring together interesting people attracted by a post, who then carry on conversations in different directions.  And all directions were interesting to me.

The aggressively political right is basically violent and nihilist, despite their incessant talk of values, religion, and the constitution.  Their words prove it and the discussion below the post proves just how different progressives and moderate progressives are from them.  If you are a conservative I challenge you to read the post and subsequent discussion and honestly say I am wrong here.

I think this post and subsequent threads it encouraged are very important for people who really care about the future of Pagan religion, or religious freedom in general, to consider.


Didn’t take long. Fox News scrubbed the comment thread over Whitney Houston’s death.  Too many vicious comments to moderate.  Fox does not like attention brought to the kinds of people who contribute to its most active audience.

UPDATE 2 (Tuesday)

Fox’s next related story, about Houston’s daughter, attracts the same excrement by some of its devoted fans.  I wonder whether they will have to eliminate this line of comments as well.  We are looking at the spiritual and moral collapse of ‘conservatism’ into nihilism of the most depraved sort.

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