I seem to have recovered at the last minute from a cold that kept me home this past week.  Strong ginger tea, gargling hot salt water, and other stuff did the trick. Now I’m washing clothes and packing my duffel to leave tomorrow for Pantheacon in San Jose. Once there I will give a talk on my new book manuscript on the Faultlines: The 60s, the Culture War, and the Divine Feminine, and do a workshop on energy healing.  Hopefully next year I’ll be selling the book.

This year’s Pantheacon theme is “Unity on Diversity” and I think this is one feature of our path that gets too little attention. Thousands of Pagans of every sort arrive for several days of work shops, rituals, and just plain shmoozing and for years I have never noticed anyone making a point that their path is better than someone elses.  More “orthodox”?  yes.  But “better?” No.

We do not have to think about “toleration,” how to get along with those we regard as fundamentally wrong.  We celebrate the sacred as it manifests in as well as transcendentally to our world, and that means we celebrate diversity and not just tolerate it.  Every path is still one more way human beings can honor that which none of us, nor likely even all of humanity, can fully appreciate and encompass. It’s wonderful, and for a few days this President’s Day weekend we demonstrate that we do indeed walk our talk.  I hope to see some of you there.  If you see me, say “Hi.”

(By the way, since returning from the Yukon I’ve had a beard.  Every woman I know said “keep it.”  On those matters for me, women have 20 votes each and men have none. So far the vote has been unanimous.  (I know it’s sort of sexist, but deal with it, guys. )

So if we haven’t met my name tag is the give away.

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