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While most of the country is still deep in snow, the days have grown noticeably longer since the depth of Winter’s darkness.  In California along with brighter days the first flowers of the year are already blooming.  In this strange …Read More

At least one bigot blogging against the Yaqui prayer at the Tucson memorial service for those murdered by Jared Loughner has gotten into trouble over it. Not enough, but it’s a start. May it grow.

Sabina Magliocco brought this site on prairie dog language up on her Facebook site.  It’s great.   Turns out that a whole lot more is going on with prairie dogs than any Westerner ever thought. And if this is true for …Read More

In his  wonderful A Sand County Almanac Aldo Leopold gives my favorite description of what it is to be uniquely human.  He observes that when the last passenger pigeon died, a species that once had darkened the North American sky …Read More

I have been struggling with better understanding what Karen Armstrong calls mythos in her book The Battle for God, on religious fundamentalism worldwide.  I think it is essential towards developing a deeper appreciation of what Pagan spirituality brings to the spiritual …Read More

Read this report of the religious garbage American soldiers are exposed to, and shudder.  During the Thirty Years War between Catholics, Protestants, and anyone else unfortunate enough to be living in “Christian” Europe, “christian’ killed ‘Christian’ for not being the …Read More

A while back I posted on why big organizations tended to become criminal enterprises.  The immediate inspiration was more dirt coming to the surface on the Vatican’s protecting child molesters.  Now a genuine smoking gun verifies what any reasonable person …Read More

I hope this does not cause any of you to start drinking organic milk, because I hope you already do, but recent research indicates organic milk is healthier than the other kind.  But if you aren’t drinking organic milk and …Read More

Martin Luther King did not come to his conclusions about nonviolence entirely on his own.  He had the personal strength to follow this path, but he also stood in a long noble and very interesting tradition with deep roots in …Read More

As we observe this day honoring the life of Martin Luther King, jr., two thought come to mind as particularly relevant, and I hope worth sharing.  The first has to do with violence and the second with the intertwining of …Read More