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F. A. Hayek, a famous but little understood economist sheds light on one of the scandals of our time.  There is a well deserved outrage building over the current Pope’s blaming “the 1970s” for rampant pedophilia and child molestation by Vatican …Read More

Surva is an ancient Balkan ritual used to revive the earth on the New Year.  It’s a wonderful community celebration, and the communities are big.  Here is an example of a modern day Pagan survival in good health in Europe. …Read More

A very revealing interview of Glenn Greenwald and Fran Townsend, a hack who worked for the Bush administration, about Wikileaks.  Very revealing.  A bit long but worth it for anyone who is really interested in what I regard as one …Read More

Here’s a list with links.  It’s pretty impressive and should shut up forever any claims that nothing but trivia was exposed… But of course that assumes those making the claims are informed and honest.

The apparent frequency of animals eating entheogens is really fascinating to me.  It strengthens my suspicion that what our society calls “normal” consciousness is as deficient as a diet without certain crucial vitamins.  Life continues, but is crippled.  To a …Read More

I have just read about a delightful report that reindeer and other animals as well eat mushrooms to get high.  Having done the same myself (and seen colors that are not on the spectrum) I can only nod in approval. …Read More

Just before Yule one of my readers asked me to explain why I was not more interested in working magick on big issues, such as stopping global warming or bringing about more enlightenment in public policy.  He said he planned …Read More

This post addresses some questions readers asked in a previous one.   Today a majority of Americans are thoroughly fed up with both major parties, with the Republicans even more than with the Democrats.  Yet these toxic dinosaurs run no …Read More

A hoot. 

Barack Obama has provided a lesson in American reality to many people who once thought the Democrats were still in some sense like the Democrats who passed Civil Rights legislation and earlier, the New Deal.  That party died.  It was …Read More