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This is wonderful.

I was asked to show our script for Samhain.  I think it is appropriate as it gives a sense of what many Wiccans do tonight or tomorrow night.  So below the fold I have reproduced our script.

I’ve been busy polishing our ritual script for Samhain (pronounced “Sow-win”), which we will celebrate the 30th.  I hope every other Pagan reader of this blog will have an opportunity to observe and celebrate this time as well.  I think …Read More

I just saw the movie Agora, and I believe every Pagan would be well advised to see this account of the life and death of Hypatia.  She was the greatest of Classical women philosophers, and apparently a great philosopher by any …Read More

I hope everyone reads Michael Moore’s letter to Juan Williams.

Two episodes to keep in mind whenever a ‘Christian’ right spokesperson says they oppose terrorism and murder.  To put it bluntly, they do not. They advocate it. Encouraging terrorism and murder of American citizens.  Advocating mass murder abroad using the same …Read More

It’s come to my attention that at least one person has repeatedly sent in a comment and been told I must approve it.  (Beliefnet’s system has occasionally told me I had to personally approve my OWN comments.)  I never received …Read More

(Revised and deepened) This month has been Pomo Honoring Month  in Sebastopol, and yesterday I went to see Hinthel Gaahnula (Talking Indian) a film produced by James BlueWolf giving a narrative history of the Clear Lake Pomo from shortly before contact …Read More

As I was researching the modern American rightwing and how it had completely jettisoned the old conservative praise for limited government, I was struck at how it had been captured by the NeoConfederate South, the one part of our country …Read More

The Sauronic “Christian’ right is alarmed at Sharia law.  It’s often hard to understand why since their views are so often in perfect agreement.