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Yes indeed – Sauron has plans for you…  These include rape, child incest, and if Sharron Angle is consistent, for some, murder and mutilation.  A wonderful demon you worship there, Sharron.

The apparent paradox of Pagan atheism has prompted me to do a lot more thinking about atheism than I ever have before.  In the process I picked up a copy of the British philosophical journal Philosophy Now,  which had a …Read More

Alyssa Thomas, a six year old, was placed on the land of the free and home of the brave’s no fly list by the Department of Homeland Security.  When notified of their error they refused to remove her name.  Bureaucratic …Read More

Every American – every human being — should listen to this woman.  Listen closely – she has a Louisiana accent unlike the paid liars in most of the mainstream media so we northerners need to listen closely.  It’s worth it. …Read More

Economist Thomas Sowell received a lot of attention for a piece he just wrote comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.  As Sowell explained, “To find anything comparable to crowds’ euphoric reactions to Obama, you would have to go back to …Read More

UPDATE below Why am I not surprised?  When ‘skeptics’ conferences have such noted “climate scientists” as former astronauts as presenters, that should say it all.  But for those who still take the ‘skeptics’ as having a strong case, hopefully these …Read More

This has been eating at me since Steven called me on it a day ago.  He quite properly criticized the rude and boorish comment I made to Texmom while discussing a post on Avatar.  My stupid comment was the final …Read More


Manute Bol, many of whose relatives were killed by Islamic extremists, always emphasized the problem was extremists, not Islam. And he put his money and life behind his actions.  Gale Norton, Republican hack for Senate, has attacked Obama for not …Read More

Midsummer, the Summer Solstice is fast approaching those of us in the northern hemisphere. The solstices are probably the most anciently celebrated holidays world-wide.  They fall on the same day everywhere, except for the hemispheric reversal.  And outside the tropics for …Read More