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Over at Liberty and Power I’ve started a discussion as to whether there is such a thing as the democratic peace – that democracies are unique among forms of government in that they do not fight wars with one another. …Read More

One of the greatest losses to clear thinking in America has been the demonization of the term “liberal.” All that is best in America is entirely the outcome of or compatible with liberal values and liberal political principles. The Declaration …Read More

NOTE:This post originally appeared earlier, on May 8. It has been plagued with spam – noxious spam. I have erased it from its original site and moved it up to here because the points it makes are serious ones and …Read More

The famed evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, gave a spirited criticism of religious faith at his Pop!Tech address, comparing it to a virus that,once it infects the mind, undermines a person’s rationality. As an example, he described the case of Curt …Read More

Tom Friedman, the noted New York Times columnist and author, spoke on “This Is Not Your Parents’ Energy crisis.” I came to his talk with a lot of skepticism, for Friedman helped mightily to gin up support for our attack …Read More

I think future historians will write that the midterm elections of 2006 were the most important in American history. Had the results gone the other way, either through scaring voters or outright corruption (here, here) , we could probably kiss …Read More

Rob Loftis at Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk has a great link to an account describing how Marvel’s Captain America periodically reminds young Americans what this country should be all about. Given how many so-called conservatives have forgotten it these past …Read More

Many Pop!Tech participants found Thomas Barnett’s presentation the most exciting of the conference. I am more critical for reasons to be explained below, but his was among the best overviews on America’s future place in the world that I have …Read More

This afternoon we had a teach-in at St. Lawrence University. the first in a long time on the campus, and my first since the Vietnam era. The subject was “Save Our Constitution” and while some right wing professors sneered that …Read More