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What follows is the basis of a talk I will give at a teach in here at St. Lawrence University Friday, Nov, 3, as a part of a Save Our Constitution gathering of students, faculty, and members of the Canton […]

Last week, from October 18 to 21, I was a participant at Pop!Tech’s 10th annual meeting in Camden, Maine. For those who do not know, and most do not, Pop!Tech was initiated by Bob Metcalfe and John Sculley to explore […]

In an interview on NPR Karl Rove claims his access to private polls indicates a Republican win in the coming elections. He and George Bush are curiously serene in the face of massive public polling to the contrary. For decades […]

Lindsey Beyerstein at Majikthese has posted a very complete list of scandals and other bad news stories about current Republican candidates. It is a long list, organized by district as well as name. These guys are among the worst of […]

I have been re-reading Jordan Paper’s The Deities Are Many: A Polytheistic Theology while working on a new book of my own, and am again impressed with what a wonderful book he has written. It is even better the second […]

One of the most depressing things I have learned over the past six years is that the radical Republican right is probably the most dishonest political movement to ever afflict our country. There has never been anything like it, which […]

Bad Judgment added to Bad theory Those seeking to remake the world need to be able to judge wisely. Unfortunately we are not blessed to have such leadership. Bill Kristol’s judgment on matters of war and peace is akin to […]

Societies cannot be simply rebuilt into the form we want. Democratic societies require a foundation of attitudes and beliefs that penetrate deeply into their culture. Even Thomas Jefferson, probably among the most enthusiastic of democrats, wrote soberly and perceptively of […]

This is the first of a three part post on Neoconservatives, democracy, and war. Neoconservatives have gotten our country into unprecedented trouble, and seem intent on expanding the scope of their errors and crimes still further. In their vision of […]

In his essay Cogs in the Machine Digby has published one of the best analyses of the relationship of Christian Right leaders such as Pat Robertson and James Dobson, the Republican elite, and rank and file Fundamentalists that I have […]