The angels are thrilled to talk to all of us. I am not that special, it is just that I make time to connect, commune, and work with them every day. Here is a beautiful question from one of my readers who longs to connect with the angelic realm…

Dear Sharon, I always had a great love for angels and my greatest desire is to receive a message from them. I feel their presence, but never got a message. If you could help me, it would be a great gift to me. With love

Our angels send us messages in many ways and are always answering our requests (prayers are
the asking) it is that we are not always ‘listening’. Our angels send us messages in many ways,
particularly in our dreams as that is when humans are most open. Keeping a dream journal that
you write in each morning is one of the ways to start remembering your dreams. Usually when
you first awaken you are still in that alpha state necessary to remember. When you start
reacclimatizing yourself to your day, you forget your night travels. Oftentimes when you dream
of your ancestors visiting you, they really were with you that night as you spend much of your
dream time setting up the things you want to happen in your life with your soul family,
reviewing and changing contracts.

Noticing signs is often a challenge because we expect them in certain ways instead of being open
to the signs offered to us. Make it exciting and rewarding. Archangel Zadkiel once said, “If we
gave you all a burning bush, you would be too busy putting out fires to get things done.” I am
happy to share that humour exists on both sides of the veil. Some of the signs you often hear
about are coins, feathers and little things that happen in repetition. Seeing triple or digits
repeating themselves like 444, 111, 222, 1111, and so on is a sign that your angels and guides
send to you. When I notice these things, I usually just thank the angels and guides for reminding
me they are there. Or I will notice what I am doing or thinking as it is an important activity or
message. If you notice these, you are receiving a sign from your entourage of light beings.

I also find dimes (ten cent coins) everywhere. When I find one, I put it in my pocket and thank
the angels. Once while sharing this on my radio show “Calling All Angels’, I told this story and
said, “Sometimes I wish they would give me a loonie or a toonie just for some fun” and laughed
(one and two dollar Canadian coins). The very next morning when I was getting into my car I
had to move my seat cushion and there was a loonie and 2 toonies and some other change, while
the day before I had moved it to look for something, so I knew there was nothing there the day
before and no one had been in my jeep since then. I laughed and really thanked them for that
one. The more you notice signs, the more they appear. They were always there; it was just before
you did not notice them. Feathers are another one, finding them in odd places, odd colours or I
have found 3 of the exact same size and colour on my path during a day.

Music and songs are often ways that our angels communicate with us, as do our loved ones who
have crossed over. If ever you hear a song and realize it has a strong meaning for you or makes
you think of someone who has crossed over, it is their way of telling you they are there and they
know all the things you wish you said or could say to them. They are there and they want you to
know. Spirits of loved ones can also use scents that will remind you of them. When you smell
that and no one is around creating it, it is a message to let you know they are there.

Your angel’s messages and the feeling they invoke are always love. If you ever feel anything less
than love, or any message that is not given in love, immediately stop and ask for Archangel
Michael and his league of helper angels to remove any beings that are not of the highest light and
right for you, they will immediately go to working clearing the energy. Then, ask Archangel
Michael to encircle you in an orb of protective white light while you are learning to communicate with your guides, ancestors and angels. As you practice working with them, you will learn to know.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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