Yes, we actually are in a Mercury Retro. I knew one was coming a few weeks ago, yet this year they all seem to be blending together and I am way behind the times anyway lol. I think 2020 really feels like mercury has been retrograde the entire year lol.

Mercury went retro on the 14th of October until November 3. With Mars Retro, it seems like a bit too much chaos for me. Mars seem to bring out the inner shadow sides of people. In most cases not so positive ones. (I didn’t want to swear in my column, but it has really brought the inner a$$hole in people lol!) (Can’t really think of a better word to describe it.) If it has been a repressed aspect, we are a bit surprised by their behaviour. If is there true nature, then they are even more dark and nasty than normal lol. With these covid masks hiding them, they seem to really rear their ugly heads.

Phew…makes for some interesting times when we are out there trying to get our stuff done as quickly as possible. Become more aware of what is happening around you and don’t buy into so much of what you are hearing and reading. The angels are really clear with me trusting my own intuition as you go forward. But most important of all, they say to “KEEP MOVING FORWARD”. Find ways to gather, to support each other and don’t let others keep you from your mission. It is too important for us to continue on, regardless.

I did read a really cute post that said… “Before I commit to 2021, I’d like to read the fine Print!” …loved it… most important message from the angels, is to “Laugh more and have some fun!” 

Reminds me of when Mom used to say “Smile, it could be worse.”…I would respond with “She smiled, and sure enough…things got worse…” Lets make some better plans for 2021 now so we can become the conscious cocreators we were meant to be.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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