Healing is a process that often requires Patience, Perseverance, and Participation. My Angels love to remind me to be Patient as I continue my path of healing, mostly because I am often not. It has been a really interesting journey for sure. “We are all one a healing journey on some level or we wouldn’t be here!” They say…

What has been unfolding for you during this shift?

Someone recently asked me about my experiences recovering from my concussion. It has been just over 6 months since I hit my head and had to relearn so many things over again. Thankfully we have spell check now lol, but I still struggle with finding words or saying them in the right order. I have discovered that a few of my friends also have been through something similar and we all struggle with that part of it.

If there is one message I could pass along to those who have experienced a brain injury it would be to tell the people in your lives that you can’t understand when too many people speak at once. It actually sounds like the adults speaking in the Charlie Brown cartoons. Noise like horns and sirens are unbearable. We are not trying to be rude, it really is that much of a shock to the system. Talk about it with others.

I had to go to the government building to get a picture taken for some ID. With all the covid changes and protocols people have become less patient with each other and the delays in things. I was slow to answer her questions and I could tell she thought I was annoyed with her. I said, “I have a concussion, so it takes be a bit longer to find the right words to be sure I answer your questions correctly.” She said, “oh gosh, I am so sorry, that must be awful.” It shifted the rest of the appointment to be more uplifting and compassionate.

We are all on some kind of healing journey. Some are just more visible than others. The angels say to not judge others so quickly – well, not really at all. We are all going through something and we don’t go through it the same way. Lets start supporting each others and walking each other home!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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