High vibrating thoughts and a clear Energy field  are key to helping you navigate this great shift in consciousness. I am often asked in sessions how do I keep my energy so high? Do I have batteries? Am I the energizer bunny?

My response is usually tips and tools that my guides and angels have shared with me over the years to help me become “The Empathic Badass” that I am today lol.

I used to dislike my sensitive side. I felt it made me weak. Throughout my life I have been told this by others. I tried so hard to stifle her and keep her from feeling so deeply. Through all of this, I have learned that it is that same sensitivity that has allowed me to have a knowingness and a deeper connection to life.  It is that same sensitivity that is my intuition, my deep awareness and appreciation for life, the universe, and all that is, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This amazing connection I have to plants and animals would not be possible without being sensitive. My vivid inner life with the angels and guides and my passion for life itself all stem from this same energy. My abilities to sense other realms and dimensions is made possible because of being super sensitive to the energy around me.

Your angel guidance is become more conscious of your energy field and keeping your thoughts high vibrating:

If you are sensitive to the world around you, your empath, or psychic, you will find that the more conscious and aware you are about your own energy body, the easier life becomes. Don’t hide out on the top of the mountain. It is time for us to be the Lightworkers and spread the light in dim places. Don’t forget to clear yourself regularly, especially if you are in contact with the outer world a lot. As you learn to do this, you will find it easier to say in a high vibrating state longer.

The higher vibrating you can keep yourself, the more fun you have. You feel in the flow with your life. You are better able to sense your way through the changes that are happening around you. We can better observe, not absorb the progress of the world unfolding. You don’t let yourself get caught up in the drama. You become the beacon, the light, the way shower to a better way.

If you find you have been having a difficult with the world around you, remember…

The sound of Laughter.

The smell of the Rain.

The sight of the Sun Rise.

The feel of the Rays on your Face.

Keep your thoughts and feelings focused on high vibrating things!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels



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