Let Archangel Uriel help you find higher truths. He is the Archangel of Wisdom and illumination, and he is here now to help us reach our highest potential as beings of Light.

As the veil between the worlds gets thinner, you will find it becomes easier to connect with the higher realms of light. This is a time of a great awakening. A time of becoming more aware of the power of your thoughts. A time to become more aware of the power of your feelings. A time to become more conscious of your actions. Each and every one of you is here at this junction in time and space for the expressed purpose of shifting the light quotient of this planet.

Mother Earth and all of her beings are shifting to a higher vibrating status and most of you are doing this without going home and coming in again with a new body in which to traverse this goal. Lofty ideals indeed! But you can do this! You are the chosen ones and it is time for you to step more fully into your contracts as evolving beings of light.

During this time of the great awakening, you will find that Spirit shows you many things in many different ways in order to help you shift. You will find the answers that you seek are being mirrored back to you in a way that Spirit thinks you will best understand. This information carries with it great potential for your growth and human kind as a whole. As you begin to understand that higher truths exist and are always available to you, it helps shift things at a faster and finer rate.

You are becoming the Goddess, the Gods of this new world. You are all little “g’s” running around trying to get things right. This is as it should be, for you won’t graduate to the next status without a bit of work and growth. The more you learn to trust your insights, the better choices you will make for yourself and your life. As you make those higher vibrating choices, your world starts to vibrate at a higher rate.

The other concept we wish to discuss with you today is that of Divine Timing. An often misunderstood and yet equally important condition that one must be prepared to work within when you come to do an earthly journey. When you make plans and goals that are centred around others, then you must be patient as diving timing unfolds. You must wait for others to get on board in order to see those goals manifest. It is always best to learn to leave things open ended and not dependent upon an individual. Unless of course, you don’t mind waiting for them.

Divine timing is often used as an excuse for why something isn’t working or manifesting in your life. The other one we love so much is when it is blamed upon a past life. While your lifetimes have a roll in the choices you made at the beginning of this one, it is important to remember that it is this one that counts the most right now.

Your angel guidance is ask Archangel Uriel to help you see higher truths:

Seek to see the higher truths in your actions and also the conditions surrounding situations that give you pause. This is a great time for expansion and Archangel Uriel is the best one to help you make that happen.

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Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels



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