“Always Seek to know the Truth” is a message I get from the angels. When I am looking to understand, this is how they begin our conversation. I try to carry this through into all areas of my life. They are simple yet powerful words to live by.


I have always been encouraged by my guidance to look deeper. “Delve beyond the surface of everything and seek a deeper understanding.” I was never given names but taught to recognize energy. This also taught me to recognize the energy of the humans in my life too. It has been a valuable skill that has saved me more than a few times. Whether we realize it or not, we feel each other. We are connected to each other through the web of life.

One of The Four Agreements is to “be Impeccable with your word”.  The author shares “When you hear an opinion and believe it, you make an agreement and it becomes a part of your belief system. The only thing that can break this agreement is to make a new one based on truth. Only truth has the power to set you free.”It goes along with seeking the truth. When we become more conscious of our word, we learn the magic of creation.

One of my dislikes with social media is all the poor, incorrect, or misinterpreted information there is out there. It only takes a moment to check the truth of that which you share, but it seems people would rather find out their unicorn name instead. While I do like my unicorn name lol, I try to seek the truth first with my sharing.

There is a wonderful sufi saying  “Before you speak, let your words pass through 3 gates. At the first gate ask yourself “Is it true?”, at the 2nd gate ask yourself “Is it necessary?” At the 3rd gate, ask yourself, “Is it kind?” If your thoughts don’t pass these gates, cancel them. It is that simple. We always choose what we keep and own.

Your Angel Guidance is to explore things a deeper level and seek the truth

One of my readers asked for some links to help with Shields and filters. Here are some of those links and messages for those who seek more:





Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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