You are receiving a wake-up call from Archangel Micheal to get more focused and clear on your intentions. It’s time to clean up your act and  look deeper to understand the power of your thoughts, and the importance of creating a safe space for yourself to explore. It is time to listen closely to instincts, and get to know your inner thoughts and feelings, while at the same time, seek higher ground to explore your truth.

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You are getting a wake-up call right now to explore your light. For some of you this has been brought about by a major loss or life altering event, that you thought you were not prepared for. For others, this signals a time of great change and reward for all the work you have been doing. Some of you are also somewhere in-between  and you have been waiting for this time to arrive and are ready to discover your own brand of magic.

You can navigate this wake-up call more easily by listen closely to your inner thoughts and feelings. Take this time to really get to know yourself without outside influences. Create a sanctuary where you can mediate, create, and be alone with yourself and your Angels. Let this sanctuary serve as your temple to release your creative spirit and explore your senses. Let is help you give birth to a new you, your new ideas, deeper insights, and spiritual communication.

Whether you are going through indifference, depression, a life crisis, or any other manifestation of mental, emotional, or physical issues right now, this is an opportunity to move beyond what you are currently experiencing. Spirit has been invoked, and is calling you forth in a new way to facilitate this shift. It is important to do what you can right now to regain your spiritual power. Do some ceremonies that helps you expand in some way. Create an alter with sacred objects that are meaningful to you. Use this space to help you explore and expand.

Ask Archangel Micheal to guide you throughout this process. Trust in his guidance. Learn to trust in your own thoughts and feelings. Breathe in and feel your heartbeat and keep breathing. Breath is what leads you to the crossover between Spirit and your physical reality. Close your eyes and tune in and allow yourself to sink deeper into the heart of Creation. Align yourself with Spirit, and allow for a clearer focus on whatever creative expression you would like to bring forth, and then, pay attention to the signs.

Your Angel Guidance is to Ask Archangel Micheal to help you with your intentions and focus.

Take this opportunity to heal, to explore, to feel safe. Ask Archangel Micheal to help you to see the world with fresh eyes and remove the filters that have inhibited your light from shining bright. Allow yourself to see the light of Spirit guiding you and trust in the unfolding. Release any fear or doubt and let the light guide you to the present. Let Archangel Micheal hold you in his loving light.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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