Oftentimes we are our own worst enemy. When things are not working out as planned, that is a sure sign that something is blocking the way. Is it you?

If the answer to this questions feels like a resounding yes, then you know that it is time to learn how to get out of your way. The first thing to do is stop and take a breath. Let a wave of relaxation go through you and let go of everything for a moment. This is the beginning of a meditation practice. A meditation practice is your best way to get the answers that seek. Prayer is the asking. Meditation is the answering.

Now that you have mastered the skill of letting go, even if just for a short time, it time to allow.

It is time to open the floodgates and allow. Be absolutely fearless in the pursuit of your goals. There are always going to be times when the world or the people around you bewilder you. Don’t get caught up in that wave. Be still, take a breath, and allow. Let the right path unfold before you and follow it. You may not always know the reason why you want to follow a path so strongly and it matters not. If the urge  persists within you, it is a sure sign that should follow it. That is your sign from your angels to act now.

Your Angel Guidance is to look at your blocks and ask yourself, “Are you being your own worst enemy?”

Here is a great article on raising your frequency . As you raise your frequency, it helps you to see things from a new perspective and can help you move beyond the blocks that bind you to lower thinking and feeling.

Take The 30 Day Challenge and work with the power of mastering the world of thoughts and feelings. This will help you learn to trust yourself and the signs that guide you.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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