Raise your frequency to helps you to stay focused, grounded, and better serve your life and each other. With all the stressors around us in our everyday world, is it no wonder we are feeling things deeply. This is felt in our physical, mental and emotional bodies and all this is affecting our spiritual practices and outlook in big ways. When you raise your frequency, you are better able to handle all the things life throws your way and do it in such a way that it makes it look easy. The trick is in deciding that your physical, mental and emotional health are what is most important. After all, if you aren’t at your best, it is harder to do your best.


Make Small Changes: Boosting your frequency helps you to build the energy to move in the directions of your dreams. Make some small changes in your life as well as the big ones. Work on what you feel needs to be shifted. Sometimes it is easier when you take small steps first and then as you see the results faster. When you will feel more confident, tackle the big ones. Change up your daily routine and add in some meditation, a walk in the park, some more healthy food and snack choices and drink more water.

Simplify your life: Simplify your thoughts and feelings. Declutter your life, your home, and your work. Start with things that bothers you the most and go from there. Some simple aspects of Feng Shui can help you get started like giving away anything you don’t like or want in your home. Move 27 things around your home to create new energy. Find some good books to help you release and let go of things, people and places that no longer support your growth.

Stay Focused on your Plans: Staying motivated can sometimes be a challenge when so much is going on to distract you. Put some blinders on like they do on race horses who need to only see what is in front them. Make a plan and stick to it. Remind yourself you are important and so are your goals.

As you raise your vibration you can become more sensitive to your environment and new psychic and spiritual experiences happen. You are changing the way you view your world, your life, the Universe and everything. Allow these spiritual gifts to open through study, prayer, and most importantly, meditation. What you feed grows exponentially and raising your frequency helps you to harness the power of your angels, your guides, and the Universe to make the world a better place for all.

Your Angel Guidance is to pick some simple ways you can raise your frequency:

When you choose to make some changes in your life to enhance your frequency, choose some small and simple ones that make a big difference. Make a commitment to yourself to see them through and notice how they affect all the areas of your life. It can be amazing how the simplest change can lead you exactly where you wanted to go and it creates momentum for more.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox


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