When you need to feel loved, surround yourself in the light of one of the Archangel. There is no better feeling that being surrounded by love. I think that is why we as humans search so long and hard to find out ‘soulmates’.


If you feel alone, or you just need some extra love and support, calling on your angels will help you with this. If you need some big help, call on the big guys and ask one of the archangels to help you out.

Here is a brief list of some of the archangels and when and who I call in for what:

When you need to feel safe and loved, call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to surround you in a cloak of love. You can actually feel warmth in your cheeks and your heart when this beloved archangel is surrounding you in his light. If I am outside and cold, I call in Michael and it truly warms my soul. I feel this inner heat build up and and I am not cold anymore. Try it next time you need to warm up and let us know how it goes. This beloved archangel is my go to guy really. I love his energy, wisdom, love, and light. Really, when I bathe in his light, I feel such a deep love and peace, I just sink into it. It is like that moment when you just surrender and let go. So glorious.

Ask Archangel Raphael to overlight you when you need healing. This can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, ask to surrounded in a cloak of his emerald green love and light.

Surround your animals in a cloak of light from Archangel Ariel. I call Ariel in to help any animal, although she particularly loves felines, she will come and help when you need it. Wild or tame, if they need help, just call her name. If you work with animals, have Ariel overlight you as you go about your day.

Archangel Uriel is the one to call upon for higher learning, meditation, and spiritual growth. Golden light with a purple overlay are colours often seen when one is working with this Archangel.

When I am writing or working on spiritual communication, I always ask for Archangel Gabriel to overlight me. Gabriel and Michael are probably the best known of the group and have such important roles to play in helping us be humans. Communication is important. Our words are powerful magic, as are our thoughts, we just haven’t all realized this yet. As you become the master of these worlds, you become the masters you came here to become.

Archangel Azrael is the archangel to overlight anyone who is about to cross the rainbow bridge and go home. Whenever someone is going through the leaving process, this is the archangel I call upon to comfort them on their journey. Having a more peaceful transition helps everyone on both sides of the veil. Azrael can also help those grieving on this side too. Envision a pale yellow cloak of light surrounding your loved ones during those times of transition.  This archangel  can also help you build a bridge to talk with them when they are on the other side.

When they are doing their soul review after they have passed into the light, the archangel that would be the stereotype for the ghost of Christmas past, present, future, all rolled into one beautiful being of light is Archangel Jeremiel. He can help you to review your life at any point on your journey. His energy is a dark purple or eggplant colour. Ask him to surround you in his light as you do your review, or send him off to help your loved ones as they are doing theirs on the other side of the veil.

Archangel Metatron is one of my favourites to call upon when I am working with an indigo child. Especially one who is trying to take his power, but isn’t quite sure what that should look like. He works with higher wisdom as we learn to take out power and use our knowledge to make the world a better place. His energy is green on the outside with a pink/red inner hue, kind of like a watermelon. When My son was a naughty teenager, this archangel and Mother Mary were my go to guys anytime I needed help with both of our energy.

Your Angel Guidance is to explore your healing journey in this new light

Ask your Archangels to overlight you. This means to ask for a wonderful cloak of light to surround you. You don’t need to call on anyone specifically, they are always ready to help, regardless if you have a name for them or not. It does help you feel closer to them if you know them better, so call them in, see how it feels to you and pick a few of your favourites to work with.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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