It’s been pretty ‘peopley’ out there and the Empaths know exactly what I am talking about. When one becomes more sensitive to the energy around them, they are what we call empaths. Empaths feel energy and don’t always even know what is theirs and what is someone else’s, or sometime even that they are an empath.


I really like the ones with a picture of a cat or a dog with this saying on it as they truly are the best healers when we are taking on too much of other peoples stuff. Don’t forget to clear your pets too, they absorb from you and can also pick up illnesses just like you.

I am a full blown, wide open empath. I have no idea what is like to not know what others feel. I was born this way and didn’t shut it down because of life’s experience. I grew up on a farm, in the bush…that helped tremendously. Even when I lived in the heart of the city I was okay because I lived on a park and walked through trees, waterfalls, fountains and the ocean on my to work or my son’s school. All of these helped to keep my energy clearer and cleaner. I also learned to use shields and filters. Remember, if you cut yourself off from the world you aren’t growing. We all came here to expand our light in some way.


Don’t stay home all the time though, you won’t be growing and learning if you do. Sometimes this will be tempting. The angels like to remind me that I came here to have a physical experience, so I might as well have fun with it while I am.

I have had a few questions lately from lightworkers wondering why they are encountering such negativity around them. They are out there doing their work and trying to make a difference, so why does this keep happening for them?

The answer is nice and simple. They are lightworkers, so they they put themselves in dim and dark places so they can share their light. They might not have read the small print before they came lol, but they are exactly in the right place, doing what they should be doing.

There are times when it is good to stay home. There are times when you will need to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and go out there and make a difference in the world. After all, isn’t that what you came here to do? Remember your shields and filters and to clear yourself often during turbulent times, but these are the ones we have been waiting for and you are right on time.

Your Angel Guidance is to explore your Sensitive side and enjoy being Empaths

Remember to use shields of light and energy to protect yourself by envisioning a cocoon of light surrounding yourself and your energy field. Remember to bring your energy in and clear yourself of other people’s stuff. When you are in a bubble of healing, loving light, you are in the right space. It is not always easy to hold this for yourself at first, but it is worth the effort when you are in harsh energy or dealing with people, places and things every day. Use this practice to keep yourself energized, safe, protected and moving forward each day and you will find you are better able to stay in balance and harmony.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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