Wisdom comes in many ways and many forms. Finding a really good, thought provoking post or article always makes my heart sing. I love when I read a really good piece from an old master that really makes me think. I miss sitting around with my college buddies pontificating life, the Universe, and All that Is. Youth is such a brilliant time of self discovery. We really are all in our ‘youth’ of life, even the old souls, for we are here remembering our own power and light also.


Snoopy and Charlie Brown comics were always good for looking at life from a different perspective. I love it when they are sitting on a hill chatting (I do that with my dogs all the time lol). Some of the humour ones are my favourites as I love to laugh. I love to laugh at life. Some of them are wise wisdom from long ago and sometimes the best thoughts even arrive in your fortune cookies.  I would love to write those for a living lol.

I recently came across a piece saved from an old Abraham-Hicks workshop in Spokane Washington. (5/30/00). Abraham said: “What is it all about? To get things done? NO! Because you do them, and you undo them, and you do them, and you undo them, and you do them, and you undo them…What is the point in all of it? It is the thrill of the process along the way. Physical human minds keep thinking, “We have to be going towards some end.” And you kill each other by the millions trying to decide what it is the appropriate end that you are all going toward. And we say : Well, there’s your flawed premise. Because there is no end that you’re going toward. We are all on a perpetual cycle of joyous becoming. We will never get it done, ever, ever, ever, ever. Love Esther, Jerry and Abraham

I loved reading this again. I don’t get as much time to read as I would like as it seems I need to be writing. What a fantastic reminder this is. We aren’t going towards anything, we are becoming. We are unfolding, like a flower unfurling in the sun, or a butterfly emerging from his cocoon. Keep going and you can’t help but evolve. It is the way of the natural world. Keep going with the knowing that you won’t get it done, so there is no need to rush things through or make them happen right now, allow them to unfold.

The angels always remind me how important it is to go with the flow. We need to pay attention to where we are at so that we know better how to navigate the path we are on. Sometimes we can see what is coming, other times our view is blocked or obscured so we have to learn to trust our instincts. This is when it is helpful to have your sixth senses developed or at least developing.

Your Angel Guidance is to explore some wisdom that helps you expand your thoughts and ideas

Gems like these are great tools to help us stay on track with a positive focus. When we keep a positive focus, the road ahead seems easier, even if it isn’t. If I need a boost of positive energy, I do things like read my book, go listen to some of my favourite talks on Youtube, or go for a walk out in nature. All of these will boost your positive power quotient to help you to get those things you choose or need to do more fun.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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