Using crystals in healing or rejuvenation is an amazing experience. I recently shared some information on using crystals in more practical ways. This isn’t something I have done professionally before. I love my rocks and use them on myself all the time, I haven’t however used them with clients in sessions until now.


First off, let me begin with an apology to all the polished rocks that have come and gone in my life without the true appreciation for them that they deserved. I have always been a natural rock girl. I always felt that raw crystals were more powerful than tumbled crystals. I felt that since tumbled where beaten about in a cylinder for some time that they loose something in the process. After all, isn’t anything processed not as good for you?

I have to put that false belief to rest now that I have played with them in healing grids. Tumbled stones had just as powerful effect on us as the raw crystals.  We tried both in healing sessions and found that the raw were not stronger as had been my assumption. I was completely surprised by this.

I was sharing ways to work with crystals and I was showing the group how you can use the crystals for self healing. I had planned to share a simple way of doing a grid, with yourself in the centre. I started by putting myself in a simple triangle. It felt really good, so I kept going and put myself in a Star of David pattern. It felt amazing, so like the energizer bunny I kept going lol. Well, a few more crystals and the energy became so expanding that I could barely communicate with the group and I had to start taking them away…it was astounding. I felt like I was going off in a spiraling vortex of light that felt amazing. It was such a cool experience, but a bit much when you are trying to share a workshop lol.

You can make a wonderful grid to energize and strengthening your entire energy system. All you need is 3 rose quartz, 4 clear quartz, 3 amethysts. This helps to reduces stress and brings you back into balance and harmony.  Use this pattern only 1 once a week for 15 minutes.

Place on Rose quartz on your heart, the other 2 beside your shoulders. Place the Amethysts at your crown (top of the head), your thymus (or high heart) and one on your solar plexus (just above the navel). Put the clear quartz crystals between your body and your hands, and at the bottom of your feet. Remember, you only need to do this once a week for 15 minutes.

We had a client on the healing table with the crystals laid out this way. I was standing beside her talking and again I started to feel this amazing energy like when I was in the Star of David pattern. So we all stood beside the table and also got a healing from the crystals. I was surprised how powerful of an experience it was.

Your Angel Guidance is to explore some crystal grids and play with your crystals

When you want to undo a pattern, proceed as follows:

Attune yourself with the mandala for a moment by putting your hand on your forehead and the other on your heart, gazing at it and feeling its power. Thank it for its services,


Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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