Using protection during these shifting times is helpful, especially for the empaths. It seems that each shift we go through some of us notice we are more sensitive to energy around us. We don’t want you to ever cut yourself off from having a wonderful earth experience, even if things seem really dim to you right now.

Using Protection

While it is natural to want to cut yourself off from unpleasant energy or experiences, it is better to learn how to navigate them so that you can learn to move beyond them. That is walking in mastery. Once you learn to experience the world in a different way, the world will start to respond to you in a different way. This does not mean that things suddenly become perfect, for they don’t . If they did, you would be done with the earth experience and go home. This means that most days…you have better days and better times.

Archangel Michael is one of my favourite archangels. He is a delight to work with and can help navigate just about anything I can think of while you are having a human experience. I love to feel the warm glow in my cheeks when he is around me. If ever you don’t know what to do, where to go, or want help, ask Archangel Michael to be by your side and he will. It is a wonderful experience. If ever I was afraid, I would call him in and feel safe and loved. If I want to talk, he is often the one I go to to sort things out. I encourage you to invite Archangel Michael into your life and watch as things open up for you.

Here is a wonderful reminder from Archangel Michael:

“You can’t be in a state of growth and a state of protection at the same time. We don’t often give you finite choices, but this is one of them. In one you are moving away and protecting yourself from your environment whereas in the growth state, you are open and moving toward something. You cannot be moving to something and closed off from something at the same time…it goes against the laws of the natural order of things. So ask yourself…How are you responding to your world? Are you responding in openness and growth or are responding in protection and closing yourself off from the world?”

Here is a link to using shields and filters that we shared a bit ago…

Your Angel Guidance is to use shields and filters when you are using protection

We want to remind you that you are here to have a physical experience and we want you to go out in the world. That is why you are here right now at this most pivotal point in your history. Don’t ever cut yourselves off from the world, for you also then miss out on all the amazing people, things, and adventures that are part of the earth experience.


Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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