Asking your angels for a sign is easy. Getting out of the way of what you want is usually more of a challenge.  Lets try an experiment to get you working with your angels to help guide you in big ways.

asking your angels

When I first started working with my angels, it was the parking angel I called upon the most. It worked every time I asked. I then started asking them for help with other things, but they usually weren’t too big or that important. I kind of felt I didn’t want to bother them with the big stuff. Now when I look back I think that is such a crazy notion, for nothing could be further from truth. The angels want to help you with the big stuff and nothing is too great or small. It is our own doubt, resistance,  or even disbelief in our worthiness that makes all the difference in what we are asking. Once we get out of our own way…then the magic can happen.

Try something different and ask your angels to help you in a big way.  If you are new to this asking part, start with the parking angel, just don’t stop there. Each day, as a part of your spiritual practice, start asking your angels for help with your errands, your goals, and your projects. Journal about your experiences and your process to help you hone your skills and watch as the magic starts to happen and your angels show you signs to light the way.

Ask the Angels to send you a sign this week to let you know that you are on the right path. Choose something big you are working on so that there is no doubt in your mind and heart that these signs  are coming from your angels.

Say, “Angels please send me  clear and direct signs this week that lets me know, without a doubt, that I am on the best path and that these signs came directly from you.”

Are you ready to affirm this? Say it out loud to the Universe with all the strength and conviction you have from you goals and your cause. Don’t hide your magic because others have made you feel uncomfortable with your gifts. You have been given your abilities for a reason and that is to use them.

Your Angel Guidance is to go big when you are asking your angels for help

The Universe is giving you signs every day. They come in your dreams, your thoughts, in songs, and words of other human angels. You can hear them in your conversations with others, on the radio, and through inspired epiphanies that happen when you open yourself to the possibilities.

Asking for help helps you notice the patterns that are showing you the way. Pay attention to them and piece them together to form the road map that shows you the way.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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