Managing an Energy Shift need not be so challenging. There are constant posts on Social Media taking about how difficult many empaths, indigo’s and lightworkers have working in the world of vibration. Being sensitive is a gift, and as you become the master, which you are becoming, you will begin to surf these shifts like a pro.


Meditation and connecting to earth will help you during shifting times, especially if you are ready for a big energy shift. There are times when it is easier to feel the changes and learning about these cycles will help you.

Your Angel Guidance is to remember that this energy shift does not have to be difficult.

Time out from the world to get your bearings, meditate, or go on a retreat. It is important to do a bit of self care to navigate the shifts. Each of you will go through these differently, even if on the outside it seems the same. Remember that you are strong, and you are safe. Ask Archangel Michael and his helper angels for assistance if you struggle with this at first.

Be patient and remember to play while you are waiting for everything to unfold in its most perfect timing. Trust in divine timing and know that there is little you can do when you are waiting for others to arrive at the same place as you and trust in perfect outcomes.

Begin to manage and see your life with love. Pause before you take action. Remember that fear is only illusion and you are learning to move beyond that mental emotion. You will get to the other side of this shift and you will look back and see the gifts that emerged because of this.

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Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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