Create a Sacred Space or a power place to help you explore. There is a transformation happening and a place to cocoon while you grow will help you in many ways.

sacred space

These special places allow you a safe space to explore you talents and your skills. Everyone has angels, guides, and guardians who are with them to help with the ‘invisible’ forces of light. Find or a create a special place that allows you to connect more easily with these loving beings. This transformation you have been experiencing has brought with it a lot of change. Change isn’t always easy. It is better to learn to let go of what needs to be released so that you can move on in better ways.

Things are always evolving, and while many things could be better right now, it is important to remember that things are always changing to something better. In other words, things might not be perfect right now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t good parts, and things are always evolving to something more. Look for the best things around you, and you will become more aware of better things. Better things will start showing up in your life. It really doesn’t get any easier or better than that.

Your Angel Guidance is to Create a Sacred Space for your self and your work to feel safe to explore, to reconnect, and transform.

Self care is important. Balance is important, especially during these shifting times. When you have a Sacred Space or two. (I love one to create one inside and one or two outside.) The more you utilize this space, the more you become aware of who you truly are, and the more conscious you become as you walk in the world, and the more the world becomes more compassionate.

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Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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