Angel Guidance

Raising vibration consciously each day is a fantastic way to start your day and keep building on its momentum. When you learn to read the energy and raise your own vibration to match it or be even higher, you will be astounded by the information it brings to light.


There is enough going on in the world around you to make things tough. It is so much easier to navigate the earth plane and all your plans when you vibration is high flying and you are ready to soar.

Things that can lower your vibration are holding thoughts of anger, resentment, or guilt. Let go of the past, disappointments, and wishful thinking. Any thoughts and feelings that let you feel less than, lower your vibration and leave you feeling blue. Negative thoughts, toxic people, and toxic food are all things that lower your vibration.

You can consciously choose things and make better choices for yourself when you deciding that raising your vibration is more important that a momentary thought, feel, or choice that brings you down.

Your Angel Guidance is look for ways that are raising vibration:

Some easy ways of raising vibration are to take a walk in the forest. Ground or connecting with the earth has a wonderful affect on physical well-being as well as your overall outlook. Pick some healthier eating habits like more fresh fruit and vegetables.  Start by picking a few meals filled with whole foods and see if you don’t notice a difference in your energy levels.

And a great way to help you raise your vibration is to get an uplifting reading with Sharon. Check out my homepage to order your special reading to see what kind of energy 2019 has to bring 

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

A great way to bring in 2019 is to treat yourself or someone you love is with Sharon’s book  Angel Guidance, Messages of love and Healing or get the kindle and begin to read a page today!


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