Sometimes during high energetic times, the empaths want to run and hide. They are used to trying to survive instead of thrive in the world. We are here today to give you some tools to help you master the energetic world you are so sensitive to. This sense is only going to get stronger, so lets learn to love it now and use it to help navigate and understand what is going on around us. As the Borg said, Resistance really is futile!


So, what is an empath and how do I know if I am one? An empath is someone who senses feelings from the world around them. An empath understands things at a deeper level. This can be objects, people, plants, or animals. These feelings can be at an overwhelming level for many. The challenge so often is trying to figure it all out and find the boundaries of where they leave off and others begin. Once you learn to be the “eye of the Hurricane”, you can learn to use this sense as an advantage of knowing when to act, when not to act, and when someone needs some healing. It truly is a gift and a fantastic tool to help navigate the world around you. Lets learn more about being empaths.

Some of the challenges of being an empath are becoming overstimulated, absorbing stressful or toxic energy from around you. Sometimes we isolate ourselves from others so we won’t feel so much, and then we are lonely. Emotional relationships can be challenging. Physical relationships can be challenging in many ways as touch can extremely sensitive for empaths.  I have friends who cannot even wear someone else’s clothing, even if that person has amazing high vibrating energy. These are only some of the challenges faced by ‘overly sensitive’ individuals who truly are lucky enough to feel so deeply.

Your best tools to help you navigate the world of the feeling deeper are:

  1. Meditation – often resisted, this is the single most powerful tool you have at your disposal. What you can do with meditation and once you learn how to do will astound you. It is your healing time, your communication with Spirit, and your connection to everything and all that is. It might not be your mothers type of meditation you explore, but we want you to learn about the different kinds of meditations. Here is one of my favourites, A Walking Meditation. 
  2. Remember to breathe – When you feel overwhelmed, this is the first thing you should do. Take a few breaths and centre yourself. Use the other tools listed here once you feel a bit more calm. You need to breathe anyway, so doing so consciously is a key to unlocking working with the energy, not against it.
  3. Understanding your energy field – You have a field of energy that is uniquely yours. Most empaths energy or auric field is way out there. Because of this, they are picking up anyone and everything for miles and kilometres.
  4. Shields and Filters – Using shields can help you get a lot of things done. It helps you to work in the denser energy of 3D thoughts and feelings. Use shields to help you keep yourself balanced and not affected as much by the thoughts and feelings of others. Use shields to help you cope in heavy, dense or lower energy fields and situations.
  5. Grounding and Earthing – Connecting with the physical earth brings balance and healing. It is an energetic connection that helps bring about well-being. Walk barefoot on the grass. Meditate and grow roots and connect with the earth. Meditate and become a tree and feel your connection to the earth.
  6. Self-Healing – Learning to love yourself and see that self-first is not the same as selfish. Most empaths know what others need and are so used to meeting the needs of others that they forget about themselves. You are your best use to the Universe when you are balanced and whole so make You a priority today!

Your Angel Guidance is to See the gift in being Empaths.

Learn to work with the energy. At first this will push you way beyond your comfort zone, especially if you have had a particularly hard time dealing with energy and living in toxic environments. Use shields and filters, and take baby steps at first. It will get better as you become the masters. It just might surprise you to see how much you learn to love this super sense.

Here is another wonderful article on Consciously Creating your Day Through A Walking Meditation. 

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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