Is your mindset programmed for Poverty Consciousness? If so, how can we change that so our thoughts, feelings, and results are geared to Abundant thinking and Abundant Results!


If you see no way out or that things are never going to change, then you have poverty consciousness. The only way out of this to learn how to change your mind. This is when out of the box thinking comes in handy. A rigid mindset is much harder to change.  To look deeper at your understanding, take a moment and see what the word means to you. Write the word on a piece of paper and then start writing all the words that come to mind about that word. Stop when you either run out of words or start to loop back to previous words. Now take a look at your words. Have some of your thoughts surprised you?

Understanding the law of attraction is helpful too. Simply put, the law of attraction means you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. Kind of sums up prosperity and poverty doesn’t it? Become more aware of your thoughts. As soon as you have ones that aren’t supportive or oriented toward your desired outcome, cancel and transform them.

Affirmations are powerful tools too. They do work, but be sure to understand your mindset so you know what you are changing. Also be really clear and simple with your affirmations. When we complicate things, which humans seem to really like doing, it usually just cancels out what we are trying to accomplish. The results you desire, just don’t seem to manifest, but really you are just cancelling them out.

Here is an article to help you on Developing Prosperity Consciousness 

Your Angel Guidance is to look deeper to see if your focus or mindset are set to Poverty Consciousness.

Once you begin to understand your mindset, that is when you are ready to start the process of transformation. Once you know where and what thoughts need to be transformed, begin to transform them. Remember to keep your sights on the present moment and not on your desired outcome. Redirect your attention to The Now anytime you catch yourself worrying or contemplating the future too much.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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