Understanding the Earth Cycles helps you successfully navigate your own cycles so tune into the energy and see where it takes you. You are preparing for a new cycle of the solstice so that is a fantastic time to review and plan the seeds of what you would like to manifest over the next quarter.


In the northern hemisphere, you are preparing for winter, for hibernation, for shorter days. In the south, it is the opposite. Yet you each are going through similar cycles. We also are currently in a mercury retrograde, so doing a review, recycling, and releasing are good projects to work on anyway.

Take time to reflect upon your present life, especially what you are grateful for. (Perfect activity for our American Cousins who have their thanksgiving this week! – Happy Thanksgiving!) Whatever has happened in the previous months, acknowledge your experiences and let go of judgements, fears, and the challenges so you can move on to the next cycle.

Patience and Stillness will go a long way, just as the earth cycles have their own pace, so do the cycles in your life. Don’t be too eager to move on the next thing without first honouring the natural cycles of new beginnings and completions and the joy of the in-between.

Your Angel Guidance is to use the Earth cycles to plan your next steps.

Review the past year and reflect upon the lessons, the loves, and what you need to let go of. You also need to reflect upon all that you have accomplished and what dreams and visions you want to manifest in the coming year. Allow yourself some solitude so you can spend some quiet, slow time with your angels.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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