Angel Guidance

Learning to trust your own guidance system is the best way to keep the faith. You have all that you need to help yourself through this maze we call life, so learn to trust in yourself, your own thoughts, and your own feelings. As you do this, you trust that guidance system within you that tells you what is right and best for you. It helps you notice the signs.


Have you ever been on a car ride with someone who has a GPS system programmed to a different route than your heading? Or one that wants to send you on a route you know isn’t faster than than one your on? These are signs that those systems need more input in order to function properly. Either they need a new destination set in or a program upgrade with current maps and systems by someone who knows what they are doing.  Does this sound familiar?

There is a transformation going on in your world and now more than ever you are needed to shine your light. Find that energy and hone your skills lightworkers. It is time to learn to trust yourselves once again. You have fought the good fight to get you to this place in your evolution. Know that change is happening right now. You will find your institutions start to fill with new energy and this is not always easy, but trust that the shift is on.

“Now is the time to tune into the infinite possibilities that exist when you begin to play with them. Seize this opportunity to follow your dreams. Allow your intuition and desire for a better way to blend together into something new. Be flexible and open. Your angels never doubt in the power of possibilities, neither should you!”

Learn to trust your guidance system, so you can then consciously choose the path that is right for you. This is  so much better than just letting yourself be drawn into one by default. You become true to your own heart and no longer hold on to what isn’t right for you.

So, trust in the process of co-creation and engage more deeply in envisioning a future that includes your passions. The light of Spirit helps you to see the way and the Universe is aligning you with all that you need for your wishes  to become fulfilled.

Your Angel Guidance is about learning to trust your guidance system.

Trust is an inside job. It is about learning to trust your own thoughts, feelings, and body signals, all of which are designed by you to help you navigate the earth plane. Quiet yourself and go within at anytime you need direction, clarity, or understanding. All the tools you need are there, within you, just waiting for you to discover your true power, your own special brand of magic!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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