When you want to manifest things, there is nothing better than working with Fairy Magic. This is the elemental kingdom at it’s finest, for they are all about the using the elements to create what they need.


If you want the fairies on your side, then take up an environmental cause and you will have their attention. They love to interact with us and are happy to help you with your cause as well.

The elemental kingdom is a realm of physicality, not unlike ours, they are just more magical than we are. They are masters of dimensional travel and know have mastered matter. Learning to work with fairy magic takes trusting your intuition, integrity, and action. When you want to manifest something physical, like a new car, ask your Elementals to help you. Then tap into your intuition, and you will usually be guided to do things that help the environment. The faster you follow these thoughts and feelings, the faster you will find your desires manifesting.

They expect an exchange in energy when you ask for their help. Your word is important, as well as your action. If you do half a job, expect half the results. To them it really is that simple. Like humans, they do have a bit of ego and  they expect you to follow through.

Fairies also love to play and dance. If you have been taking life too seriously, they like to hide things, or create opportunities of mischief in order to get your attention. Really they are just trying to help you lighten up and take a break when life gets to heavy. Ask them to return whatever they have hidden away from you and they will…eventually.

Your Angel Guidance is ask for help and tune into the fairy magic.

The Elementals are here to assist you in grounding your energy and reconnecting with the earth. Connecting with nature and the animal kingdom helps you heal, rejuvenate, and open your intuitive channels. Reconnect with the nature elements and let the fairy magic help to transform your life.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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