I have been staying at my mom’s for a few weeks while she has been away, taking care of her animals. Her home is out of cellular and internet range and  on acreage so it is always a different experience.  Earlier this week I got a message from the angels that I was not taking care of me, which is true as I have been going full throttle, so I got myself some new pencil crayons and some colouring books and have been colouring in the evening and well morning too as I found it wonderfully therapeutic.


This morning the mandala I chose to work on contained this mantra in the middle and as I was colouring it I found myself repeating it over and over again. It was wonderful. It made me feel good and see how powerful a tool of transformation colouring could be for us. When I colour I am totally not paying attention to the rest of the world. I thought about what colours to use, what they mean and did I include balance and healing as I coloured. Sometimes I would stop to look if I had a colour theme in any one area of the picture, and if so what did it mean to me? It was wonderful, it was healing, and I do think it is also good physical therapy on a part of my body that I am still working on healing.

Your angel guidance for today is to get out some crayons and colour. You can download pictures if you don’t want to plunge in full force with a new colouring book lol. (I got a few…one Harry Potter, one Mandala’s, and one called Vitality, and a new package of 48 colours in which to create lol). I particularly like the mandala ones as that was my original intention when I started colouring. I like the labyrinth aspect of them as well as the freedom of colouring freely. And, most important…enjoy and have fun and see that “Today is going to be Awesome!”

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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