As you explore your spirit self and how to work with these new aspects of you that have been emerging,  see two of the sides of your world and also look for the meaning of your physical experience and how to blend these two aspects of you together.


Your angel guidance is to connect your awareness upon the physical world during your spiritual pursuits. Meditate and work with your guides and angels cradled in the beautiful bosom of Mother Earth. This allows for a rise in your vibration to bring us closer together. We are your teachers, your companions, and together we form a circle that creates a harmonious whole. Let us help you to create a balance of harmony many of you have not previously experienced and align your actions with your values. Be sure that your values and your inner knowing match each step you take. Integrity is written in the energy field that surrounds each one of you and can be sensed and felt by others. It is important to take action from this point of reference. Open your heart and your mind to the possibilities and trust in the infinite.

You are reminded that as one of the chosen ones that you have great inner strength and fortitude and see yourself with love and compassion. Have confidence in yourself and see yourself succeeding. When you act with integrity, you are doing your best and happy outcomes are assured. Trust in your ideas and your intuition and foster your 6th senses so that you trust in the guidance they offer you. Do what you know is right and best for you always.

Have faith that your prayers are manifesting. Remain positive, especially in the times that you feel you are alone, as these are the opportunities to connect with your angels to gain clarity and direction.  Just call and your angels will make themselves known to you, watch for the signs, and recognize them as the hand of Spirit you have been asking for.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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