Be Patient and let love grow in all your relationships.


Having forged some new and interesting relationships of late, I have been discussing with my angels the nature of relationships. This is not just man/woman, deep relationships, it is also about forging deep, meaningful relationships with a person, regardless of their gender or orientation. I have always come from the teaching that soul family are your soul mates and that there are many who join us on our human journeys to help us to fulfill our contracts and our earth mission. And these are all truly important contracts we wished to experience even if some of them have been ‘negative’ ‘bump contract’ experiences.

I recently met an old friend on so many planes it is hard to decipher at times and certainly to put into words unless one has run into an old friend and is aware of it. It is interesting for me to experience the thoughts and feelings that arise as many of them are foreign to my life experience and at the same time has been fun to play with the energy and ‘test’ the experiences – part of me is always the scientist lol, but with a bit of a twist lol.

“Let love grow at its own pace and build a deeper love with a firmer foundation than most truly know.” this is what you have asked for, so be patient as it unfolds in a beautiful way that will help many by your example. Patience and love are the keys to the kingdom that you hold in your hands and so use them wisely and enjoy the game as it unfolds. Cherish the moments of igniting a deep and lasting friendship for that truly is rarer than all of your gold.

The message that was most important for me to hear is was to be patient and let love grow as it should, have fun in the process and trust that all is in perfection and by my design and just let love grow!

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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