When you are positive, you keep directing a stream of high-vibration energy with your thoughts, words and actions.


This affects every thing around you and also has a great affect on others and they help you towards your purpose. These beings are the human angels who have agreed to be on earth with you to assist you through. This does not mean they can do the journey for you, just as your angels cannot, it means that you are always supported, even when you can’t see it. The angels are aware of the power of your positivity and they will support your intentions. Positivity is a powerful source and helps you to be more aware of your surroundings and the opportunities that are available to you.

Your angel guidance is to shares with others and know that only you can choose your thoughts and attitudes, so focus on loving and abundant thoughts and know that successful outcomes in every area of your life are possible, it is often just a matter of beings aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Your positivity will make you feel happy, healthy and fulfilled. Choose today to keep a positive outlook and trust in the infinite power of the Universe to support you.

Affirm: “I am in charge of how I act and feel, and for today I choose to be positive and strong.”

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xox


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