Our loved ones are always a part of us when they cross over to the other side and journey home. A part of them is always connected to us through the energy of love and it is okay to miss their physical presence, but they are always with you when you call their name.  Even though I still communicate with my dad and give him jobs to do for me from the other side, I still miss his physical presence. I can feel his energy, more with my heart than my physical body, but I can still feel him. I still miss him. And, he sends me signs back to let me know he hears me and is doing his best  “behind the scenes” work yet. I still miss him. (I will share some of his signs back in upcoming articles).

Your angel guidance is to remember that your loved ones are still a part of you and your life. They are like your shining guardian angel and they still have your back. You are not alone on this journey, even in your darkest hour, and that you are dearly loved for doing this human journey and forgetting your own true light, beauty, and  magnificence to remember who you are.

Archangel Arzael is one of the angels who can help you connect with your loved ones on the other side. Here is a link to an article to help you Archangel-Azrael-Feeling-your-beloved-Ones.

Remember those you have loved and have gone home fondly and know that they are never truly very far away and are now a jewel in your heart.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the angels

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